Another Week Down!

The painting in the kitchen is almost finished…just touching up is left! Laying the kitchen floor tile has begun today. All the walls have been primed, the floor in the FOH has been selected and TLW has finally decided on the placement of the counter.
We bought a 40 foot container. Right now all of the cleaned kitchen equipment is stored in it. When the kitchen is put back together we will have plenty of room for all of our catering equipment, as well as dry and paper storage. This will be the first time in The General’s career when all of my equipment will be located in one place. I’m not sure I will be able to function without running around collecting materials for caterings.
The General never lets his enthusiasm for smoking be deterred by small problems…like having no place to cook lunch. Since Friday was “fish day”I decided to cook lunch for the crew…smoked catfish and trout cooked to perfection along with crunchy coleslaw and some garlic bread. Cooked inside my soon to be smoke house on my competition Weber.

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