Tilapia Wrap

Living in a city by the sea, we try to incorporate lots of fresh fish into our diet, because man (and woman) cannot live with BBQ alone. The General got an idea about fixing some tilapia. The problem with tilapia is that on its own its taste is pretty bland. Still being fascinated with the versatility of wraps, I decided to do a tilapia wrap for last night’s dinner. I was inspired by a recipe on the package of Chicken of the Sea premium shrimp which you should be able to find in the canned meat section of your local supermarket. This is exactly what I was looking for to kick the tilapia up a couple of notches. It called for salsa (and TG used Newman’s salsa with corn and blackbeans) and combining it with ranch dressing (equal amounts). This mixture made an excellent topping to which I added the shrimp. To make the wrap, sprinkle a blend of shredded monterey jack/colby cheese on the soft tortilla, place the grilled tilapia on top of the cheese mixture and finish it off with the topping.

I used blackening seasoning and some of Emeril’s seafood magic to season the tilapia. I then put it on a piece of aluminum foil that had been brushed lightly with olive oil so the fish wouldn’t stick. It was cooked on the indirect zone on the grill. Most seafood recipes tell you to cook the fish until it flakes, but to prevent overcooking always use your instant read thermometer and never exceed 130*.

The thing that makes wraps so versatile is you are only limited by your imagination. Here are some things I didn’t add, that you may want to try: green onions, black olives, guacomole, sour cream, Mexican style kernel corn, and chopped iceberg lettuce.

The meal was completed with some Mexican rice and The Little Woman approved!

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