Strange Coincidence

In August, on our way to vacation at Lake Chautauqua in upper New York State with our good friends Sir Charles and Kathleen, TG was worried that the Lake might be too remote since I brought no reading material. After lunch in Cleveland, we found a Border’s Discount Book Store…and it truly was a discount store. Since I liked the low prices and their selection of cookbooks, I bought several. I didn’t pay much attention to them until we reached the Lake.

I began reading one called Cook-Off America Volume 2 and suddenly discovered that I was in the book! “The Original Q Company Brisket” National Capital Barbecue Battle. It goes on to call me a consistent winner and a “circuit” celebrity. Funny though, the recipe isn’t mine nor is the picture one of our shots…even though it is a darn fine one.

From then on, I was like a celebrity chef and our friends told anyone who would listen about this strange coincidence! I was then put on the spot when Sir Charles went to his freezer and pulled out a standing rib roast and announced that we were having a dinner party Saturday night and I was to smoke the roast as well as other parts of the meal.

Being away from all my spices and tools, I was able to go back into the archives of my mind and remember an old beef marinade that I used to use all the time. It consists of one third teriyaki, one third red wine vinegar, and one third water. The water keeps the teriyaki from turning the meat too dark. Also add a good shot or two of bourbon. The bourbon breaks down the fibers in the meat and acts as a tenderizing agent…as well as a flavoring agent. I let the meat marinate a couple days before cooking it. I must say that it was one flavorful piece of meat…and all the guests agreed.

I also found out something that most home chefs don’t realize. I was looking for some spices to use on the roast and I found that some of Charles’ spices were out of date…some by two or three years! Most spices are only good for a year or less…depending on geographic location (temperature and humidity). When in a pinch, the old standby is seasoned salt, black pepper and granulated garlic and that is what I used on the rib roast.


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