Springtime in Savannah and a Great Fajita

The General has returned to Savannah after a long weekend of celebrations. It started with St. Patrick’s Day here in our new hometown, Savannah, GA, which is host to the second largest SP Day parade in the US (about 400,000 people attended). Since the missus and I had never seen the parade (and have heard many stories about it) we decided we couldn’t miss it. The weather was fabulous, the crowd behaved, and the whole event was spectacular…especially seeing the 3rd Infantry Division, recently home from Iraq, marching. Just fabulous!

We then went to a wedding on Daufuskie Island, SC. By boat from our house it is just about 30 minutes. But by land, it takes an hour road trip to Hilton Head Island and then a 45 minute ferry ride. Our dear friends’ daughter was married in a destination wedding there. It is really a beautiful barrier island that is a great place to visit, but I can tell you that the General would have a hard time permanently living there…not one grocery store. Everything has to be ferried over! Imagine that!

With all this activity, the grill sat under its cover for the last few days, but now spring has sprung in Savannah. Almost the beginning of the baseball season and the grilling and smoking season is on for those who do not do it year round. In honor of this occasion, we took a ride through Bonaventure Cemetery, one of the oldest and certainly the most beautiful cemeteries in Savannah…if not the world. Take a look at some of the beautiful pictures the little woman took today. Those of you who are still existing in cold climates…might not want to look at them!!

Now back to The General’s business at hand…smokin’ and grillin’…. We had an already cooked and highly coveted Costco ribeye steak. That steak did not go to waste…it went into fajitas! My version of fajita consists of three sliced bell peppers of assorted colors, one medium sliced onion, minced garlic, your favorite blackened seasoning, and olive oil. Put the vegetables in a Zip Loc bag and put in enough olive oil to coat them and mix well. Add a couple tablespoons of the minced garlic and a moderate sprinkling of the blackened seasoning to taste. Mix well again. The steak was already cooked, so all I did was thinly slice it. The day was rainy, so I chose to cook my ingredients in a skillet on the stovetop, but I would have much preferred to be grilling them in my perforated pan.

Place the marinated ingredients and the beef in a skillet and cook on medium heat until the peppers get soft and the onion becomes translucent. Warm your tortilla until it is soft…but not dried out. Serve with your favorite accompaniments…we used medium heat salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.


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