Smoked rack of lamb with orange marmalade.

Our friend Sandra came here from Atlanta for a basket weaving weekend. She needed the help of the missus to complete her 10″ Nantucket Lightship basket purse that they have been trying to complete for a few years. It’s amazing…they lived three miles apart in Atlanta and were unable to get together there…so now that 275 miles separates them, they made the time to complete it. Go figure!!


It was just like a Santa’s little workshop around here with those busy girls barely stopping to eat. The General felt it was his job to make sure those little elves had plenty to eat and, of course, plenty of cabernet. Saturday night it was

ribeyes and fries….yum. Last night’s supper consisted of exquisite smoked racks of lamb and portobello mushrooms. We invited one of the little lady’s new friends to join us and I am happy to report that there were no leftovers! In fact our guests claimed it was the best lamb they had ever consumed! Not too shabby for the General!

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All lamb is not created equal….because they are not fed the same. We have some friends here in Savannah who own and run a great restaurant called Soho South Cafe. They very graciously gave to us a rack of lamb from Lobel’s in New York. I got so busy with the holidays that I never cooked it. However, the General knew that one rack would not feed this hungry group, so I went to the local Sam’s Club and purchased two additional racks.

We had a taste testing to compare the Sam’s racks vs. Lobel’s. Everyone agreed that the Lobel’s lamb was far superior to the Sam’s lamb, although both were good. It’s like a lot of things. You start buying a $10 bottle of wine, then, without realizing it, you are expanding to $15-$18 bottles..etc, etc. Now I am stuck with wanting the really good lamb from Lobel’s.

Here is the recipe I used for the lamb. I adapted this recipe from “
Fresh Austrailian Lamb Premium Recipes” and I highly recommend that you go to their website for further cooking instructions and recipes.

2-3 medium lamb racks

For the marinade:

1 cup olive oil

4 T garlic salt

1 T thyme (dried & crushed)

1 T rosemary (dried & crushed)

1 T black pepper (crushed)

Mix all ingredients and thoroughly combine. Pour into a one gallon zip lock bag and place the racks in the bag. Zip and refrigerate for at least 8 hours. Preferable overnight. Turn the bag once or twice during the marinating time. Make sure the bag is thoroughly zipped and compress the air out of the bag.

Orange marmalade glaze:

1 C orange juice

4 T lemon juice

1 C orange marmalade

Big pinch of salt

Big pinch of white pepper

4 T butter

1/2 C olive oil

Blend all ingredients except butter together in a saucepan and simmer for 15 minutes. Add the butter and keep warm at low heat until ready to serve.

Prepare your grill for indirect cooking. Place the racks opposite the fire. Close the cover and let it smoke for 25-30 minutes. Check your temperature. Your desired range for medium in the center of each rack is 140*. Be careful to keep your probe from touching a bone.

There is a variation of this recipe that calls for you to begin the process by searing your racks in a skillet and then placing them on your grill. The General just likes to do the whole process on his grill. (One less pan for the missus to clean up!)

At the cost of being repetitive, I have had much better luck with manufacturer’s recipes than I have with general magazine recipes. I believe the reason for this is that the manufacturer’s whole incentive is to get you to use its product often…thus selling more product. I am not so sure recipes in certain magazines (and even some cookbooks) are thoroughly tested as those from manufacturers.

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