Sam's Valentine Dinner

We went to Sam’s to pick up our Valentine Dinner after getting off to a late start. We were in search of prime rib and lobster (TLW’s favorite surf & turf.) Evidently we were not alone in our search, since all the prime rib had sold out and the fresh Maine lobsters from Wal-Mart next door had been bought up well before our arrival.

We settled for lobster tails from Chile and a ribeye that we already had in our fridge. At TLW’s request I made my famous mushrooms. This is something easy to put in your repertoire.

For two people:

1/2 stick butter, salted

2 C sliced mushrooms

2 T Lea and Perrins Worchestershire sauce

Seasoned salt

Black pepper

Saute over medium heat until mushrooms begin to brown. Cut heat back to low and let them continue to cook until the rest of your dinner is ready.

This is a wonderful recipe to fix when asked to “bring a dish” …everyone will love it.

Enjoyed our put-together dinner along with a nice bottle of Chianti Riserva from Familia Cara 2003…also purchased at Sam’s!xxxooo


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