Pork Preparation and Injection Recipe


The following is how we prepare our pork for competition or catering:

This is how we prep our pork butts and shoulders. We always use Happy Holla rub and follow it with a coating of olive oil. Deeply massage the meat until you have a liquefied product. We also lightly sprinkle either black pepper or a product we have just started using (McCormick’s Black pepper and garlic) over the meat. Put into a plastic bag and refrigerate overnight.

The Q Company’s Pork Marinade/Injection

2 quarts water

1 C white sugar

½ C maple syrup

1 T granulated garlic

¼ C soy sauce

½ C Orange Blossom honey

¾ C dry sherry

¼ C Worcestershire sauce

1 ½ T salt

Combine all ingredients. Bring almost to a boil, then cool. Inject the liquid into your pork before smoking.

Smoke at 220 -240* to an internal temperature of 190* for pulled pork. To a temperature of 170* for sliced pork.

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