Pork Loin Stuffed with Olive Tapenade and Parmesan Cheese

Having a crowd over?

A real crowd pleaser for your friends and your wallet is a whole pork loin. Even better, kick it up a notch and stuff it with an olive tapenade. For the marinade The General used “mojo” found in most ethnic sections of supermarkets. Let it marinate over night. The next day, drain the marinade and rub it down with your favorite spice rub (I used Mojo Seco by Konriko.) TLW commented on how good it smelled…even though she could distinguish the cumin…and she is not a cumin fan. You might want to try some also. I then spread the pork loin out and cut it from end to end right down the center of the top of the loin…being careful not to cut all the way through. You will then have a V shaped piece of meat ready to be stuffed. I then spooned in the olive tapenade that I bought at Sam’s, some minced garlic, along with some freshly grated parmesan cheese.


Then using butcher string I tied it back together in four or five different places.


Here’s a little something I learned at this part of the process. If you are doing prep and stuffing, generally your hands are going to be pretty messy. Leave the ball of butcher string on the counter and just pull from the end to get your desired amount of string. If you try to pick up the whole ball of string, you are going to have some contaminated string!

Set up the grill for indirect smoking and place your masterpiece on the grate. Depending on what temperature you are cooking at, it should take two to three hours to reach an internal temperature of 165* in the center of the meat.



Your sliced pork loin will feed 12 -15 people and will be make an attractive presentation when plated.


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