Lamb Chops and Asparagus

The General bought some lamb chops this week and in deciding how to prep them I remembered that at a food show a while back the good folks from ICA (Ingredients Corporation of America – Memphis, TN) had given me some Greek seasoning. That made the prep process very easy because all I did was use the seasoning and then liquefy it with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil. After lighting the Weber, and when the coals were ready, I seared the chops over direct heat for about 5 minutes per side and then moved them back into the indirect zone. They stayed there until reaching an internal temperature of 135*…then they were ready for plating.

ICA can be an excellent resource for you if you have a secret spice blend that you would like to have bottled in large quantities. Talk to Derenda. I’m not sure wether they are set up to ship small quantities or not…but it wouldn’t hurt to ask!


TLW has been on a pretty strict diet and she likes to consume large quantities of asparagus. In a previous post, TG explained how to grill asparagus. The oven method works well, too, and it is really easy!

Cut the woody part off the stalks and place them in a baking pan along with a medium coating of minced garlic, some sea or kosher salt and semi-generous amount of olive oil. Turn the oven on at 325* and bake for about 20 minutes. Check for desired doneness. TLW likes them crispy asparagus and TG likes his a bit softer. Make sure your olive oil does not start to smoke, as The Little Woman heard today it can become toxic.

Yummmm…I can still taste ’em!!!

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