It's a Southern Thang

Three years ago Williamson Bros. restaurant in Marietta, Ga (north of Atlanta) hosted a dinner for the Board of Directors of the National Barbecue Association of which I was a member. You need to understand that they do a huge BBQ restaurant business as well as a catering business…both are very successful. However, on that evening, the thing that they were the proudest of is their “Fried Pickle.” They went on and on about how great the fried pickles were.

Now you can’t have fried pickles without fried green tomatoes. It’s a ritual in the South. There was even a movie called “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

Here is an easy how-to for both:

Use Kosher dills for the pickles and sliced green tomatoes (regular hamburger sized tomatoes).

Take a couple of eggs beaten for your dip or bath for both the pickles and tomatoes.

I used Zatarain’s Seasoned Fish Fry and after dipping in the egg wash, coat the pickles and tomatoes in the breading.

Zatarain’s can be purchased in Sam’s Club or most grocery stores around here in the flour section. You can also use a simple combination of all purpose flour and corn meal (1/2 to 1/2) and don’t forget to season with black pepper!

Use your black iron skillet and heat your peanut oil to 375*. When your oil reaches that temperature, put in your pickles and tomatoes. Fry until golden brown on both sides.

When frying on the stove top, never leave the skillet unattended…even to go check your grill! And never let your temperature exceed 375*

As Paula Deen says, “Put some South in your mouth!”

Actually that saying didn’t originate with Paula Deen…it came from Jack Black owner of the Old Hickory House restaurants in the Atlanta area. When The General was a kid
(back in the dark ages) this is where we went to get our BBQ!