Grilled Pizza

Well, we can now check off one of our New Year’s Goals…to learn to make pizza on the grill. It must have been good because last night after I offered to take TLW out for fried shrimp she said she would rather stay home and make another pizza on the grill!

For my initial research, I went to and a magazine that just showed up at our door called Cuisine at Home. In regards to the items that go on the pizza the articles/recipes stimulated my imagination and I will be the first to tell you that I got a little carried away with my shopping list. All the time that we were shopping, we were in plain sight of 1 pound 16″ pizzas selling for $10.00. We probably spent 5 times that.

Lesson Learned #1: The economy in cooking pizza at home comes in when using leftovers from previous meals…and for good reason. Most pizza toppings must be pre-cooked…either from the manufacturer or in your kitchen. The ingredients have no time to thoroughly cook on top of the pizza. In this case TG used the evil microwave to get things started.

Lesson Learned #2: Your imagination is the key to making an interesting/custom pizza. Even with TG’s research I was still a little confused as to how to put it all together.


Once your items are prepared, take a brush and brush both sides of the pizza crust with olive oil.


The pizza crust recommended by the BBQ Queens was Boboli which is a thick crust pre-prepared. Unfortunately the Boboli was sacrificed on the grill due a timing error. Luckily we had a back up of a thin crust pre-prepared shell. The instructions said to grill each side over direct heat for two minutes each and then move to the indirect zone. Once you are in the indirect zone start with your tomato sauce, and then begin to add your other ingredients with cheese being the last. You know that your pizza is done when all your cheese has melted.


Not bad for a first attempt…according to TLW we will be having grilled pizza often! She likes the fact that we control the ingredients and can make a great tasting pizza without a lot of fat. She promises to learn how to make pizza dough…we’ll see about that!

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