Good news for fish lovers!

Inland Seafood, a major seafood purveyor out of Atlanta, sends The General a fax every Friday morning to share what is plentiful, in-season, and out of season. This Friday I received a report that the Alaskan wild salmon (King and Coho) are now available and will be through the fall. Now, if you are used to eating farm raised salmon, this is good and bad news because once you have experienced wild salmon you will never want to return to the farm raised!


TG went to Matthew’s Seafood Friday afternoon and purchased a fillet of Coho and a fillet of King salmon. I used the marinade that is my favorite (see recipe). The key to marinating fish is to not ‘over do’ it! Usually one hour is the maximum for marinating time.

Your fire should not be too hot. Using a piece of aluminum foil on top of the grill grate (sprayed with Pam) will allow you to pick up the foil and the fish with no sticking. However, a fish basket works best to get the ‘char look’ on the fish. Using the indirect method, throw some bay leaves on the coals for flavor while cooking.

Max internal temperature should be no more than 135* in the center of the fish. Bon apetit!

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