Get Ready for St. Patrick's Day

I was told by my editor-in-chief (the little woman) that I couldn’t do a posting on smoked turkey because it wasn’t near Thanksgiving or Christmas. But I think a smoked turkey sandwich is great year round. So here is timely one!

Smoked Corned Beef Brisket! Rinse the brisket off under cold water and season it with seasoned salt or Kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper…along with the packet of seasonings which usually comes with the brisket.

Set your grill up for indirect cooking. Let the charcoal get ashey gray, put the brisket on the grate (might not hurt to have a drip pan underneath the grill grate), and cover the grill.

Depending upon the temperature in your grill, it should take approximately six hours to achieve an internal temperature of 190*. But remember, temperature always prevails over time.

Get yourself some Jewish rye, some good coarse ground deli mustard, and Swiss cheese. Stack yourself a sandwich with the finished smoked brisket. You can make a sandwich press by covering a brick with aluminum foil. Take out your black iron skillet (or another skillet). Coat the skillet with butter using moderate heat. Place your sandwich on the skillet with the brick on top. Turn it at least once until the bread is toasty. You now have a pressed corned beef sandwich to die for. **If you have a George Forman grill, it works great as a sandwich press. Remember to spray the George with some Pam!

To accompany your sandwich and for a complete St. Patty’s meal, get a head of cabbage and core out the center almost all the way through. Replace the core with a stick of butter and some Lea and Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce. Put it on indirect heat also and let it cook until the cabbage becomes tender. If the leaves become too brown, you can wrap the cabbage with aluminum foil after it has had some time to absorb the smoke.

I am planning on doing this next week. Pictures will follow.

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