Day of Great Thanksgiving Takes Place

TLW and I woke up to blue skies, gentle breezes and weather promising to hit the mid 60’s*. Perfect for the Old Savannah City Mission’s Ninth Annual Day of Great Thanksgiving! See earlier post.

We ventured down to Forsyth Park anxious to participate in the event and try some of the food…147 turkeys later. The event is open to any and all…millionaires and those without a dime! Every guest sits down at a table and is immediately served by a throng of volunteers. The turkey tasted great…the pepper and seasoned salt used as the rub, penetrated our servings and made the turkey very tasty. Along with the turkey was candied yams, dressing, cranberry sauce, green beans and a roll. We even received a slice of pumpkin pie. Dining at our table were three 13 year old volunteers and three guys (all named James) who looked like they hadn’t had a good meal in a while.



Jim Lewis, executive director of the Mission, explained to us that he wanted the event to be reminiscent of the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, MA. The Indians helped the Pilgrims plant their crops and they all sat down to share in the bounty together.
We won’t talk about the treatment of Native Americans after that point….Instead, we will focus on the warmth and sharing of their first celebration.

TLW and I continue to be very impressed with this ministry and everything today was well executed and very professional.

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