Championship Brisket Preparation

Beef Brisket

We only use CAB (Certified Angus Beef) brisket. Trim 75% of the fat, leaving 25% on. We prep our brisket the same way we do our pork butts/shoulders. . We always use Happy Holla rub and follow it with a coating of olive oil. Deeply massage the meat until you have a liquefied product. We also lightly sprinkle either black pepper or a product we have just started using (McCormick’s Black pepper and garlic) over the meat. Put into a plastic bag and refrigerate overnight.

Smoke fat side up at 220 to 240* until an internal temperature of 190* is reached.

Here is a rub from the Baron of Barbecue, Paul Kirk, for brisket taken from Peace, Love and Barbecue p.231.

Paul Kirk’s Brisket Rub

1 C granulated sugar

½ C dark brown sugar

1/3 C seasoned salt

1/3 C garlic salt

¼ C celery salt

¼ C onion salt

½ C paprika

3 T chili powder

2 T ground black pepper

1 T lemon pepper

2 T ground sage

1 t mustard powder

1 t chipolte powder

½ t ground thyme

Paul Kirk also uses a mustard “slather.”

½ C prepared yellow mustard

¼ C apple cider vinegar

¼ C beer

Coat brisket with mustard slather. Use a medium coating of rub.

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