Carnival of the Recipes: 2006 Thanksgiving Edition

The Little Woman and I are proud to be the hosts for this week’s edition of the Carnival of the Recipes. Since we are in a “Thanksgiving State of Mind,” we have plenty of reasons to give thanks.

First of all, we are so thankful that today we are both enjoying good health. We both recognize that we always need to work harder and to that end, let’s visit Dr. Joel at Disease Proof. His recipes for Goji Oatmeal Clusters and Orange Goji Bars will put us all on the road to better nutrition.

Secondly, we appreciate how much the love and support of families mean to us. This year we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our nephew Michael, his beautiful wife Helaine and their adorable daughter Phelan. They have volunteered to host the feast and it will definitely give TG and TLW a day to sit back and relax. Here is a lineup of some great recipes for your groaning board:

Keewee sends along Beer-B-Q Links. This traditional appetizer is definitely a favorite of ours and is sure to please your hungry hoards. Gluten Free By the Bay has perfected a gluten free knish to nosh! Try her Spinach Potato Knishes. Hoorah for you, GF!


How about a salad? Famous Recipes sends along
Jerusalem Artichoke Salad with Greens and Herbs. Did you know Jerusalem artichokes have nothing to do with Jerusalem and are not related to artichokes? Go figure!

Now for the real deal…the main course… El Capitan at Baboon Pirates sends us Roast Possum with Apples and Sweet Taters. Come on, Capitan…Possum for Turkey Day? Well, maybe someday The General will give possum a try (but TLW will definitely not be eating that lil’ critter!)


David, from Third World County, submits a
battle plan for an easy Thanksgiving meal…The General loves battle plans! Not wanting to cook a large bird? How about a small one? Chicken Recipes serves up a dandy Grilled Moroccan Chicken Citron. How about duck? Kevin from Seriously Good presents Smoked Duck Breasts. Sounds really tasty…you know The General will try this one!

cured smoked duck03 400.JPG

The sides…who can resist sides? Now TG has never been partial to cranberries since the ‘Cranberry Scare’ of 1953, but TLW, growing up near the Massachusetts cranberry bogs, loves anything made with cranberries. Marsha from A Weight Lifted provides us with an interesting
Fresh Cranberry Relish.


World Famous Recipes has a healthy and tasty vegetable for us to try, Butternut Squash with Whole Wheat, Wild Rice and Onion Stuffing. Sounds mighty tempting! World Famous also sends along a twofer… Sweet Potato Biscuits…sweeeet! David, from Third World County, wants to woo us with a healthy and yummy Thanksgiving Pumpkin Bread.

Desserts…did I say desserts…this is when the groaning begins! Triticale – the wheat /rye guy- sends along a triple-threat,Coffee Kissed Triple Pecan Pie. Sounds like a winner! Maybe I’ll be lucky and TLW will whip me up one! From The Common Room, we have an Egg-Free Rice Pudding submitted by the Deputy Headmistress…yum… How about some coffee with your desserts? Third World County sends along some neat Holiday Coffee Additions.

I like to think that the best part, well, maybe not the best but close to it is the leftovers from the Tday feast. I personally love just a plain turkey sandwich with plenty of mayo, salt and pepper. Here are some mighty tempting recipes for your leftovers. Our Recipe Goddess, Shawn, is a temptress with this Turkey Enchiladas dish. Riannan from In the Headlights has a Quick and Easy Chicken Curry for us to try. Bet turkey could be substituted…


Walking the Berkshires gives us a treasure with his post on
Fort Wingate Flatbread, 1886…verrrry interesting….


Finally, we would like to give thanks for all the great chefs out in blogland who share their wonderful recipes so willingly and a big Thanks to our fearless leader, Shawn!