Cajun Fajitas

In the process of cleaning out The General’s home freezer (or the death chamber for most food I put in there), I found a 28 oz. chicken fajita kit. I have no idea how it got in there…neither the little woman nor I claim to have purchased it! It was complete with fajitas, bell peppers and much to my surprise only 6 oz. of chicken . I immediately saw the need to tweak it.

I then purchased more bell peppers and a pound of chicken tenders.

(You can save some money by buying your own chicken breasts, de-boning them and cutting them into strips. Or you could even do the same with chicken thighs which The General thinks is the juiciest and most flavorful part of the chicken. The General just wasn’t motivated.)

I cut strips out of the bell peppers and added them along with strings of onion, and the extra chicken to the original ingredients. Now if you like things hot, add some seeded diced jalapeno. Combine those ingredients with a light coating of olive oil and Cajun’s Choice blackened seasoning.


I reached for The General’s trusty square teflon perforated grilling pan and placed everything in it. After the coals got ashy gray, I put the pan over direct heat and stirred frequently. Your chicken should always be cooked to over 160* (preferably 165*-170*). When the chicken reached that temperature, you know your dish is ready.

We used the small tortillas that came in the package, but they were really too small. We think an 8″ round would be better. Add salsa, sour cream and guacamole to make this a cajun fajita.

We will definitely do this again…but we obviously won’t purchase a “packaged kit.” Who did buy it????

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