Bonnie and Clyde

Now let’s talk about our Valentine’s meal at the best restaurant in town! I ordered two 3 1/2 pound lobsters from Inland Seafood out of Atlanta for our dinner.

Now I know what you are thinking….”How can they each eat 3 1/2 pounds of lobster?” The answer is…You don’t! That is because you only get about a 30% yield of meat…the rest is body and shell. So when you are buying lobsters, if you are buying a pound lobster, you will only be getting one third of a pound of meat!


So…now you’re wondering how did I barbecue the lobsters??? I didn’t. The little woman grew up on Cape Cod and she is a purist. She always requested boiled lobster for her birthday dinner…and The General wanted to get some needed well-deserved brownie points.

Wanting to be totally gluttonous and fill our faces with as much lobster as we could consume, I skimped on the sides and just prepared some garlic bread.

We barely had enough left over for a real Maine lobster roll for lunch the next day!

The lobsters did the trick! Since she’s happy, I’m happy! The only ones who weren’t happy were “Bonnie and Clyde.” I think it is sadistic that she names them before dunking them in the boiling water…but I refused to allow her to have lobster races on the floor. I asked her why she is so cruel to the lobsters, and she replied, “Why, honey, they are used to it!”

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