Beef Short Ribs with Cabernet BBQ Sauce

A couple weeks ago, I bought Weber’s Big Book of Grilling by Jamie Purviance and Sandra S. McRae. The General is always challenged by beef ribs…simply because I haven’t cooked them often.

On p. 124 I found a recipe for Beef Ribs with Cabernet Sauce.

Cabernet Sauce

I doubled the recipe, but here is the original:

1.5 C BBQ sauce

1 C Cabernet Sauvignon (of course, we had plenty available and I used TLW’s Barefoot Cab)

Combine the two ingredients along with some Kosher salt and some freshly cracked black pepper in a medium saucepan. Bring the ingredients to a boil stirring frequently. Keep warm until serving.

Beef Ribs

I substituted Short Ribs that I found at Sam’s.

For the rub I used our own steak seasoning that primarily consists of Kosher salt, coarsely ground black pepper, and granulated garlic. I also added some of Emeril’s Essence and liquefied them with olive oil.


The directions call for searing the ribs, but my fire was entirely too hot, and short ribs are pretty delicate and just couldn’t take the heat, so I cooked them for about an hour in the indirect zone. Here is the key that we don’t normally do, but I don’t know any other way to get them tender. After the hour of indirect cooking, I wrapped them in aluminum foil and coated them with the Cabernet BBQ Sauce. I sealed the package up and cooked them in the indirect zone for another two hours.

You will need to make adjustments if you are cooking a full beef rib.

It is virtually impossible to accurately use a meat thermometer to measure the internal temperature of beef short ribs. TLW and I taste tested and agreed after one hour of covered cooking that they were not tender enough, so I cooked them for a second hour.

The results were fantastic! I had cooked these as a test and our company glommed them all…Kerry even claimed that it was the best beef she had ever tasted!

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