A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush (G 43 that is)

Tax day is approaching and The General wants to make sure that all returns are in on time. Therefore, he has created a no fuss recipe that is guaranteed to impress and still give you plenty of time to finish your tax return.


The General and TLW have been inundated with different members of the tribe coming to visit us in Savannah this week. One night…after a busy day of who knows what…I “threw” together this delightful meal. Between picky kids and TLW (who is now “watching what she eats”) I had many challenges. I very rarely cook chicken at home, so I saw this as a way to please the missus and still kick it up a notch using Cornish game hens.

Start by splitting them in half (I used a cleaver). In the Spanish section of most supermarkets you can find a product called Mojo sauce or marinade. I then marinated the hens in the mojo juice for 24 hours. Since I couldn’t use them the next day, I drained the marinade off and left them in the fridge.

The next step is to rub the birds with your favorite rub, or as usual I used a mixture of Happy Holla and Emeril’s Essence. Alternatives to this could be garlic and pepper or lemon pepper, depending on the taste profile you are trying to create. After you have placed the dry rub on the hens, liquefy it with olive oil. Our reinvention of the grill basket has really made grilling fun again. Make sure you always coat the basket with a spray of olive oil or Pam before using it.

It took about 30 minutes of direct heat (flipping about every 6 minutes) to reach an internal temperature of 165*. You can pair the chicken with long grain rice, black or red beans and rice, and for your vegetable grilled asparagus. Use lots of olive oil on the asparagus and then sprinkle it with sea salt and coarsely ground black pepper.

The clan was impressed and I still had plenty of time to play with my 17 month old granddaughter Megan…who loves my barber chair built the same year I was born…1946!


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