World Market

TLW and I had some errands to do out by ‘The Mall’ today. It’s funny, here in Savannah there are virtually no traffic jams on our side of town, but when we head on over to “The Southside,” traffic is a lot denser….however nothing like the NIGHTMARE of Atlanta traffic which we experienced up close and personal last week. (On reflection, I think the lack of traffic problems in SAV has intensified our frustration for the Atlanta freak show.) Anyway, we usually have to psyche ourselves up to go to the southside since it is just like a mall area in anywhere USA. I like to remind The Little Woman that we have one of any kind of store whereas Atlanta has dozens of them…we truly don’t miss much.

One place we do miss is Tower Package Store on Piedmont Ave. It has a wonderful wine collection and some very knowledgeable sales people. Near our house we do not have a wonderful selection, even though there are some good selections at Johnnie Ganem’s and Habersham Liquor Store. We have found that World Market on Abercorn has a pretty decent assortment of wines at some very reasonable prices.

Opened a couple of bottles for our ‘happy hour’ tonight…I am enjoying from the Cline Cellars from Northern California their Ancient Vines Zinfandel…I don’t know all those fancy terms for describing wines…I just know what I like (like my cigars) and I like this one a lot!

TLW is enjoying an old standby
Smoking Loon Cabernet

All of the wines we purchased today make great pairings with smoked or grilled foods.

Ravenswood VB Zinfandel

Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel

McManis Cabernet

Red Truck Red Table Wine

All except the Ancient Vine Cline sold from 7.99 to 11.99 a bottle…good prices and great wines. Enjoy!

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