Wine and BBQ Pairings

There was an article in our paper today by Brian Goodell who calls himself “The Wine Guy.” He told The General what I have long since known…that a good red zinfandel wine pairs great with smoked and grilled foods. He also adds that it goes well with venison, lamb and pasta.

Some of his picks are Ravenswood or Rosenblum Cellars…both sold in the low teens. To upgrade, he recommends 7 Deadly Zins from Lodi. He also recommends Rodney Strong and he claims Zinfandel is ‘America’s Red Wine.’

This is always something I have been big on…pairing the right wine with the right BBQ. Now you have some important research to this weekend. The General is familiar with the different Ravenswood offerings as well as 7 Deadly Zins…if you have other favorites…please share.

Some wine sites TLW frequents are
eRobert and Professor Bainbridge.

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