We're Baaaaaack!!

If I have been noticeably absent in the last week, it has been for a pretty good cause! TLW went back to Atlanta to play Florence Nightingale by tacking care of our son Ben who had some elective shoulder surgery. She is proud to report that all is well.

Just about the time I was ready to get back bloggin’, our server paid us a left handed compliment by telling us we were using too much bandwidth…and we were going to have to go to the next level…that means more $$$$…oh well! When we started this blog in December, we had no idea where we were going with it…but just last week we had our 10,000th hit! Now TLW tells me that some sites get that many hits in an hour…but The General is happy with his small victory! It appears that a blog has a mind of its own and ours seems to be growing exponentially. TLW and I are certainly enjoying the process.

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