Two Books

When TG was back in Atlanta last week, I immediately went to Costco to get my “Costco Fix.” They have an excellent book section with a large volume of cookbooks priced very competitively.

I picked up Todd Wilbur’s“Top Secret Recipes (Top Secret Recipes: More Classics)” (Plume) I opened the book to page 137 and lo and behold there was KC Masterpiece Original BBQ sauce recipe. The General hasn’t tried it yet…but I will soon! This author fascinates me because he has the ability to break any commercial recipe out there…without stealing the recipe itself.

“Best Recipes from the Backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans and Jars” (Ceil Dyer) takes another approach by collecting manufacturers’ “on the package” recipes…something I have always believed is that these recipes wouldn’t be on the product unless they were good.

I think you will have a lot of fun with both of these book and try some of their recipes

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