Successful Saturday

There is an old saying that if you want to get something done…find a busy person to help you. I have known this from catering for years! Some of the best parties TG has ever done have been multiple events occurring all in one day. It seems you automatically go to a higher efficiency level. Now TLW has never experienced this. Here we were coming back from NYC Friday afternoon and we had a party Saturday night for 200 people and on top of that I wanted to compete in a local cook off at the local Bass Pro Shops that required no set up the day before. We had to get up at 4:30 am to get our equipment on site. There were several heated debates over whether to drop the cook off and just do the dinner. TLW had serious reservations about how we could pull it all off. She also had concerns that this cook off was a non-sanctioned event with celebrity judges. This is a formula that can easily spell ‘disaster’ and she felt TG was unnecessarily putting his reputation on the line. After much thought, I suggested that we not use our ‘Savannah BBQ’ business name and just make up a name. Our friend Brooks was going to cook with me, so I came up with the name “B & W” Team…first initials of both of our names.

There was another formula that I was also hesitant about…that we both cook and decide at the end what product to turn in. That is not a good thing to do at crunch time when you have egos involved. So I then suggested to Brooks that we pay an additional entry fee and it could double our chances of winning something. He agreed and so we had the “B & W” team and the “B & W Also” team.

Well, I am proud to report that it worked! I had to leave as soon as turn in was over to get to the next party. On the way, I got a call from Brooks telling me that he got a third place in Ribs. He hesitated and I am thinking, “Be thankful for small blessings.” Then he said, “That’s not all!” I replied,”What else, Brooks?” He said, ” Well, (in his slow Southern drawl) you took first place in Ribs (I’m thinking…that’s really good). But that’s not all…you took first place in Pork Butt, also!” Out of the six prizes awarded we took 50% of them…along with $1,200 in Bass Pro Shops Gift Cards!!



Now, on to the party…When I got there, the line had already opened. The crew was serving and everything went very well due to the fact that TLW was there to supervise. As usual, our brisket stole the show!

A day that started at 4:30 am finished at 11:30 pm….finally we were able to put our tired feet up and toast our success with a nice glass of wine…make that several glasses!

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