Spotted in our backyard


While our son and his friends were visiting last weekend, we were asked if we had seen any alligators in our lagoon. Yes, indeedy! Last September, “Trapper Jack” and a helper came to our neighborhood and wrastled an eight foot alligator out of the lagoon almost directly in front of our home. The local news even had a crew here to film the whole episode. Trapper Jack used a cow lung (or was it bladder?) on the end of a mighty strong fishin’ pole and casually waited for the critter to bite. Bite it did, and eventually TJ got his man.

We suspected that there was another, smaller alligator around, but have not seen him/her all winter…until the day the kids asked. Then, as if on call, he appeared right in front of us while I was cooking some burgers on the grill.

We managed to get this picture before he got scared and took off!

The General has had to endure some jokes by TLW and friends as he has not been fishing off of our bank since all of the news reports of alligator attacks…guess I will have to wait for “mating season” to be over.

Any good recipes for alligator?

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