Space management issue

In a previous post, I mentioned that we received a smoker from Cookshack which TG is learning to use. I’ve got pork butts down pretty well lately. Since it is a smoker, it needs to be outside, but since it has digital settings it needs to be covered. Right now it is sitting and functioning quite nicely on our screen porch. Now what is the problem with that? Nothing, as far as the General is concerned. However, The Little Lady has a major issue with a piece of cooking equipment on “her” porch. So far she has been a “trooper” and all the time occasionally throws barbs about it my way.


Last week, The General got a call from a freight company wanting to deliver a 250 lb. box to our house. Guess what? It was a new TEC grill from Char-Broil! I had been hoping that I might receive one after Char-Broil invited us to New York City to the preview party for this new line. Oh, my, it is a BIG box and right now it is sitting in our front hall. We do not have a patio (yet) and I have taken up all the backyard space I can with my two Weber kettles and a Smokey Joe. Now, guess who isn’t happy about all of this? TLW She has been making comments that it is time to create an outdoor kitchen to house all of this equipment. Great…except it will cost $$$$.

Grills Where

TG has to take all of this under advisement:

New Cookshack smoker….free

New TEC Grill…free

The Little Woman happy…priceless

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