Some Points Added

After a good meal, TLW confessed last night that she had been blogging on her own and showed me yesterday’s entry. I think she did a fine job, but I would like to add a few points to it.

Over the years we have been blessed with some really fine help, but the one thing that we have known since we won the GC of the Nashville Shores, TN, contest 5+ years ago is that we actually do better when we cook on our own. I believe the reason for this is that the transfer of information and the consistency of what you do is vital to your effort. The problem comes in their interpretation of what you are saying. I have always believed that my place at a cook off or a catering is at the back of the pit to maintain the consistency needed to win. Consistency wins every time.

On my way back home on I-95 I stopped by to see our friend ‘Blue’ at Exit 3 (three miles from the Florida line). His actual name is Larry Harris, but the name of his business is Blue’s BBQ, situated right near the Dairy Queen and the Wendy’s. Not often do we recommend other BBQ spots, but Blue really does have a consistently good product and it would be well worth your time to stop in and get a pork sandwich with his mustard based sauce or his chopped brisket.

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