Savannah Blues and BBQ

One great thing about Savannah is that it is a very historic city. Preservation of that city is most always top priority. Another great thing is that it is also a very charitable place. We have felt since we arrived here that if we could use our BBQ skills and expertise for these two purposes, it would be a great way for us to get to know more people in the community (as well as build our business).

Such is the case this past weekend. We volunteered to cook for the
Coastal Heritage Society’s Blues and BBQ fundraiser. This was held at the Roundhouse Railroad Museum. If you are a train ‘buff’, this is a must-see. Most of the buildings go back to the 1920’s and some go back to the 1850’s.

The event featured two nights of entertainment and BBQ. We cooked most of the pork butts for the event because of our large capacity. They used a mixture of Kosher salt, black pepper, and

Tony Chachere’s seasoning as a rub for the butts which TLW actually approved of. It formed a thick salty crust and was mighty tasty…even though we would never try it in competition.





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