North Fulton Class of 1965 Reunion…Atlanta, GA

I guess we have been noticeably absent for the last ten days and no internet access has made TLW verrrry unhappy!

We had a very successful trip to Atlanta and catering…doing the General’s Class of 1965 North Fulton High School Reunion. It was held in the old NF HS campus which is now Atlanta International School. The menu was very diverse. We served smoked beef brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken and pork ribs…along with baked potato salad, cole slaw and “the best beans on the planet.”


The General just wonders who all those old people are who came to his reunion?

We had the all time record for seconds set by a nameless classmate…he replenished his plate 5 times…I guess you would call him a “buffet buster”!


The General was able to “copy” on a sheet cake the cover of his 1964 annual (couldn’t find the ’65!).

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