In Memoriam

In the six months that I have been bloggin’, I have always tried to steer clear of politics and personal interests outside of food. I have dedicated myself to teaching BBQ and grilling to the foodies who love it.

However, today I make an exception to that policy as we mourn the loss of our best friend and companion, our ten and a half year old German Shepherd. Mars was with us when we won the South Carolina state championship, so we have always thought of him as our “lucky” dog…at least until the last year of his life when he contracted a disease called German Shepherd myelopathy(read more) which is the canine equivalent of ALS or Lou Gherig’s disease. It destroys the muscles and nerves and on Friday afternoon he could no longer walk.

He put up a valiant fight without ever complaining and was an inspiration to us.

Mars, we miss you!



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