Hot Diggity Dogs

TLW hails from Boston in which of a barbecue really consists of hamburgers and hot dogs. All too often the hot dog for other culinary delights. According to the Nation’s Restaurant News (July 3, 2006), the hot dog is making its way into some really upscale restaurants. How about a hot dog served on a silver platter? Try one at Wynn’s new casino in Las Vegas!

Two examples of the dressed up dog in NRN are the “Reuben Dog” featuring pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing, as well as the “Hawaii Five-O Dog” wrapped in bacon, deep fried, and topped with pineapple, sesame seeds, scallions and teriyaki sauce.

This is an issue like pizza toppings…let your imagination run wild and have some fun!

Our favorite hot dog is the
Hebrew National All Beef Kosher Dog. It is generally sold at Sam’s and Costco. Regular hot dog buns just don’t do these upscale dogs justice…they are way too small. You need to look for more of a sandwich bun of a larger variety.