An Easter Success


The General cooked with a new ham, but not new to this coastal area…Lee hams. They are packed in Southeast Georgia. I cooked them up to 160* and coated them with a simple coating of brown sugar and honey. They were absolutely outrageous…but the main compliment I received was that they were not salty. Many hams have a high salt content…but not so with the Lee ham.

Most of the hams were smoked for the Old Savannah City Mission’s Easter meal which was served inside the mission due to inclement weather. We had hoped that it would be a repeat of the Christmas dinner which was served outside “on the corner.” Approximately 100 homeless “friends and neighbors” were treated to a dinner rivaling many served in Savannah’s elegant homes. The dinner included ham, corn bread casserole, yams, corn, rolls, melon, grapes and chocolate covered strawberries. Guests could even coat their own strawberries, along with angel food cake cubes….as we had our very own chocolate fountain!

It was a special dinner, and the friends and neighbors loved it. But those of us serving them had an even better time…

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