A Bad Evening

OK…so my wife lets me do most of the cooking in our house. It’s a win-win situation…I cook-she cleans. Last night was an exception and she probably won’t be cooking for a while…as night went downhill fast. Eagerly she set about making a recipe for crawfish bisque that promised a result similar to her favorite at the Pappadeux restaurant we frequent in Atlanta.

Returning to the kitchen from a wonderful long smoke of one of my favorite Padron 4000 series cigars, she was wildly whining that it wasn’t going to be anything close to what she expected.

Dutifully I poured her a glass of one of her favorite Cabernets – McManis and encouraged her to not give up hope! Pressing on, she finished the recipe and let it simmer for an hour or so. Another glass of McManis did little to relieve her stress as she whined and stirred, whined and stirred, etc, etc.

She prepared her fabulous garlic bread (will share the recipe later) and we sat down to our ‘fine’ dinner. She was right – the bisque was nothing close to Pappadeux’s. In fact it was god-awful. Trying to make it palatable, we doctored it with sea salt and an extra crank or two or three of fresh ground pepper. So, making the best of it, we started laughing about the whole ordeal, when suddenly she stood up and yelled, “Oh, my God, I just broke my tooth!”

How could she do that??…it was SOUP for cryin’ out loud!

After a trip to the dentist today, she has been put back together and has the distinct honor of being only the second person the dentist had ever seen with a chip on that particular tooth, and the first one the dentist had ever heard of breaking a tooth on soup!

So tonight, I happily return to the role of chef de maison…

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