Since most of us are into grilling and smoking meats, what do you do when a vegetarian shows up for dinner? First, they should let you know in advance about their eating ‘style.’ Second, you need to make some inquiries, just like when we cater for a Jewish synagogue. We have found that for every Jewish person, there is different set of rules. The same thing holds true for vegetarians.

Here are some suggestions:


1. I have previously discussed grilled portobella mushrooms with bell peppers and onions.

Boca Burgers made from soy beans.

3. Grilled vegetables using a perforated pan and treat them like stir fry.

4. Vegetable wraps.

5. Baked Idaho or baked sweet potatoes with a selection of vegetable toppings.

6. Meatless lasagna and other pasta dishes.

Our son recently arrived here with some weekend guests. We did not know one of them was a vegetarian until the dinner was cooking. She ended up loving the sliced and grilled portobella mushrooms with onions and peppers, the baked potato salad with sour cream (even though it had bacon in it she picked it out!) and corn on the cob. I must say she was not a “picky” vegetarian and was delightful guest!

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