Here are the sauces we use on a consistent basis:

1. Head Country Food Products. 2116 North Ash, Ponca City, OK 74601 (580)762-1227

2. HomeTown Bar-B-Que 584 Fieldstream Way, Lawrenceville, GA 30044 (770) 822-0712

3. Texas Rib Rangers (940) 565-1983 or (940) 206-3442

Many people ask us why we have stopped bottling our “Better Than Sex” Sauce and the answer is that our bottler went out of business and we have been…just slow to get a new bottler. The sauces listed above meet our strict standards and have been suitable replacements. (Remember: we use only the best ingredients!) Since we have now moved to Savannah, GA, and are planning to open a “place” you can be assured that our sauce will be back on the shelves in the next year!

We believe that a multitude of sins and mistakes are covered up by a heavy helping of BBQ sauce already applied to the meat. As we learned in competition, one should be able to taste the meat, then taste the sauce, then try the meat and sauce together to see how well they complement each other. We generally serve our pork unsauced, serving the sauce on the side. Our ribs and our chicken are basted in the pit with sauce. We also paint each slice of brisket with a light brush of sauce. Most all of the commercial BBQ products are sold already sauced…there is a reason for that….$$$$$$$. You are not getting 5 lbs of pure meat, you are getting meat and sauce together…the question is how much meat are you getting?? Two examples are Hormel and Sadler.

Most parts of the country like a sweet sauce. Add maple syrup or honey and orange juice to any sauce to add a depth of sweetness to your sauce.

We are especially fond of a vinegar sauce for pork. There is an excellent one in Mike Mills Peace Love and BBQ on p. 14. It is really for cole slaw, but I think it tastes great on pork as well.

Also, if you are after a vinegar/pepper sauce, try Kate’s Mountain Sauce on p. 304 in Barbecue USA by Steve Raichlen. ***caution…go easy on the red pepper flakes unless you want it really hot…

Presently, Head Country is our sauce of choice to use on caterings. It is a smooth, sweet, tomato based sauce. Shipped to us costs us $12.50 per gallon. It is almost as good as our “Better Than Sex” sauce that we are not currently producing.

To sauce or not to sauce? A good compromise is lightly coating a small amount of pork at a time, making sure that it never puddles or pools. Never turn the sauce bottle upside down and pour it over your pork…watch your kitchen staff…they have a tendency to do this!

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