1.Pork Shoulders are always preferred if not frozen…unless you have two or three days to thaw them.

2.Pork Butts (Bone in) is our second choice. Cook fat side up.

3.Pork Ribs – We always use St. Loius Cut 2 and up unless the client specifies some other cut. Start cooking with the back side up. Cook approximately 4 hours at 240*. You will know they are finished when the meat in center begins to break when you lift them up.

4.Beef Brisket (CAB – Certified Angus Beef) Trim 75% …leaving 25% on. Cook fat side up to 190*.

5.Sliced pork loin (not tenderloins) cooked to an internal temp of 170* make for great sliced pork sandwiches.


6.Chicken – We like to cook chicken halves and then quarter after cooking.

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