Logo Cakes

We have previously mentioned that The General and TLW went back to Atlanta to cater The General’s 40th high school reunion. Yesterday TG got a thank you note from Debbie (the coordinator of the reunion). Her note sums up what we believe are the keys for successful hospitality and entertaining. Here is what she wrote:

“Hey Wiley,

You & Janet & your team did an outstanding job with the food for our reunion! We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback and everyone raves about the food; it was really delicious, a good variety, generous quantity, and wonderful presentation…the topper, of course, being the cake!

Thank you for all of your efforts! I hope your calendar is marked for 2010!



Now here the secret to creating the cake. Sam’s Club bakery, and I am sure other bakeries as well, has the technology to duplicate just about any logo or picture you want copied. **Just make sure you are legal with it when you duplicate company names, etc.**

Clients are very often surprised when I show up with a cake that has their company logo on it. For thirty something dollars it is a great way to honor your client!

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