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Last year TLW told me I could not blog about turkeys except during the holiday season. So, I want to slip this one in before I get out of season again…for my own reference as well as our readers.

As already noted in November TG cooked 148 turkeys for the Old Savannah City Mission to serve in Forsyth Park. What we found living here in Savannah is that Savannahians use a simple mixture of black pepper and seasoned salt all blended together for their rub for both turkey and pork…and who knows what else. TG got lucky at Sam’s recently and found a product I hadn’t seen before and that is Rosemary and Garlic seasoning. I used it as part of my rub on the turkeys I sold to customers. The rosemary and garlic put off a wonderful aroma as the meat cooks. In the absence of fresh whole rosemary, I put bay leaves in the cavity. I also combined the Rosemary and Garlic Seasoning by Tone’s with another product of theirs which is Sea Salt and Parsley.

Our old faithful is Morton’s Tender Quick which I have been using for years to brine my turkeys. This product is sold often times in hardware stores of all places. Since this is not always found on your local grocery store’s shelves, I would suggest if you have trouble finding it to just
order it online. They also have a 32 page illustrated guide to curing meat, so you might want to inquire about that also. Remember always cook your turkey to 170* in the thickest part of the bird.

We also have found recipes on the internet for different brines. This is fun way to experiment for all The General’s chemistry buddies.

This wraps up my turkey discussion until the holiday season of 2007.


Brining in a heavy duty bag is a great space saver. Just remember to ‘flip the bird’ often!


Hot and ready to be delivered.

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