Burnt Offering

Recently “Janet’s Cousin Kathy” stopped by for a short visit here in Savannah with her husband Gerry. As “Snowbirds” they were on their way from Cape Cod to Florida with a mission of repairing their hurricane ravaged condo. One night I decided to grill steaks and asked how they each preferred their slab of a cow prepared. Kathy, in her own peculiar way, grinned and said, “Burnt!” Figuring she meant ‘Well Done,’ I cooked hers to an internal temperature of 150* and brought it in for her approval. Gerry spoke up and started ranting that it usually takes him 3 or 4 tries each time he cooks steak just to get it correct for her!! I returned to the grill ready to incinerate the fine slab of beef and brought up the internal temperature to 170* (ugh!). She loved it! Gerry couldn’t believe she was happy. When I told him my secret, he writhed in agony that he had spent so many miserable years making unpleasant trips back and forth to his grill. “Get yourself a meat thermometer and cook hers to an internal temperature of 170*!…it’s that easy!!” Believe me, today Gerry is the proud owner of a couple of digital meat thermometers and is a happy man!

Moral of the story: By using a digital meat thermometer, and knowing the proper temperatures to cook to, you can save yourself a lot of grief…and you can be consistent repeating the same process over and over again.

Caution: Try not to poke your meat often with the probe, as you will lose valuable juices!

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