An Example of Indirect Cooking


Since The General talks all the time about indirect cooking, I thought that you would like to see an example. Smoked a couple of Boston Butts this week and the little woman got this great shot. Notice how the coals and the soaked apple wood chunks are on one side of the smoker, and the Butts are on the other. Also pay attention to the drip pan. It is underneath the rack directly under the pork and next to the coals. In cooking large cuts of meat, you always need to be careful about grease flare ups…so the drip pan catches the juices/fat and prevents flare ups…as long as you remember to empty the drip pan several times during the cooking process.

Here is a tip from the cook off circuit. The common name is ‘spray bottle,’ but it is also known as a ‘mister.’ Periodically, spray your meat with a mixture of 1 C apple cider vinegar and 2 cups apple juice and enough Worcestershire sauce to make the mixture dark. This adds moisture to your cooking process.

Some people like to restore cars, guns, etc…but The General has a new one! I restored my 26″ Weber that was deteriorating in our backyard in Atlanta. The reason for the effort is that Weber no longer makes a 26″ grill…only an 18″ or a 22″. Many thanks to the good folks at
Weber customer service for making this happen.


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