A Great Fundraising Idea

There is a custom here in Savannah that we haven’t encountered (or paid attention to) anywhere else on the BBQ circuit. Savannah is definitely a “week end” city. “Savannahians” like to buy whole pork butts for their home consumption. It is really big here and lots of community groups/swim teams etc. use selling these butts for fundraising purposes. **This is something to think about if you live in another part of the country.**

Yesterday, we visited our friend Brooks who cooked over 2000 lbs. of butts for a fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Savannah at Skidaway Island. The Rotary was selling whole smoked butts for $20 each. Most people wanted them cooled down because they were not going to eat them immediately. They also sold whole chickens for $6 each and slabs of ribs for $18. The easy thing is that the people just pick up the aluminum foil wrapped products and take them home in grocery sacks.

This little fundraiser was part of an art and antique car show and the Rotary was able to sell plates of pulled pork, potato salad, and green beans as well. The General assumes that the Rotary made a nice profit…and so did Brooks and Mike his assistant. Brooks uses a Klose pit made by our friend David Klose from Texas. The grill weighs 11,000 pounds and is a stick burner.


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