Who Wants to Work?

All over Savannah “Now hiring” signs, flags, banners are flying. Anyone who wants a job in the restaurant industry should be able to find one. Especially entry level. What a great economy we have.

Our little bbq joint is hiring. We have really good hours and decent pay. We are closed on Sundays…awesome, right? And we even offer a $100 bonus after 30 days of work. Posting on a pay per posting site (not Craigs List) we get lots of responses. Take dishwasher for example. This is an entry level position and does not require much more than a strong back and the ability to follow simple instructions. So the ad has been up for 10 days and we have had 43 responses. HR scheduled 15 interviews. One prospect showed up and was not hired due to availability and other issues.

So let me get this straight. We have an opening for two dishwashers…and we cannot fill one?

Same situation for servers. The one we DID hire was supposed to start today…and guess what? He didn’t show up and did not call. WTH?

The line cook position? No show for the new hire today.

What is going on? This is not unique to Wiley’s as I have had this conversation with many friends in this industry. Is it unique to Savannah? Not really…but maybe. I discussed this with a customer yesterday who is in the film industry. He is having the same trouble filling more skilled positions.

So what is the solution? Totally above my pay grade for sure. But I see a few issues that should be addressed maybe within our public school system…and gosh, maybe even at home.

1. Accountability
2. Honesty
3. Punctuality
4. Ability and desire to follow instructions
5. Pride in a job well done
6. Ability to work well with others
7. Understanding the value of your work in relation your position in the company.

So what is the solution? How do we train a work force???