As usual, their are many recipes TG and I want to try…especially the Spicy Pork and Tomatillo Stew which is pictured on the cover…. Here they the benefits: Promotes longevity Reduces heart-attack risk Lowers risk of heart disease Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes Lowers risk of stroke Cuts risk of cataracts Cuts risk of colon cancer Slows brain decline The article goes on to list the evidence.

Strange Coincidence

In August, on our way to vacation at Lake Chautauqua in upper New York State with our good friends Sir Charles and Kathleen, TG was worried that the Lake might be too remote for him since I brought no reading material…. I was then put on the spot when Sir Charles went to his freezer and pulled out a standing rib roast and announced that we were having a dinner party Saturday night and I was to smoke the roast as well as other parts of the meal.

Another Burst

Blogging for the BBQ General is, I think, a bit harder than for most bloggers because we collaborate on almost every entry…so we both have to be “in the mood” and “available.” Thanks, Steve, for giving us a kick in the pants, and we will try to be more consistent!

Fried Squirrel

After the first two hours, we had to come up with an alternate plan for preparing our menu for the party to be held later in the day. Six hours later and with the party under control we learn the cause of the outage….a very dumb squirrel!

Championship Grits, Again

First of all, as usual, we enjoyed the wonderful mountain air (especially since Savannah had been sweltering in the high 90’s and low 100’s with ultra high humidity). Also, the hospitality of Jane and Steve, the organizers, was amazing as it is every year and this was our 11th contest in a row with them…so you know they have something going on. Sixty teams gathered, some from as far away as Texas and all of the teams were “heavy hitters.”

Failure of Big Bucks

Think about it-George comes home on Friday night after work and says, “Honey, I want to take you out to dinner tonight and let’s go eat BBQ at a sports bar!”… What I believe wasn’t addressed is the fact that they did not have enough variety in their overall menu to make non-BBQ eaters want to go there.

Out from under the rock

Three dumpster loads later and a garage sale finally reduced the house to sale-able condition…. Combine this factor with a series of out of town guests and the loss of our beloved 11 1/2 year old German shepherd Radar, this might just begin to explain the General’s absence from the blogosphere.

Space management issue

I had been hoping that I might receive one after Char-Broil invited us to New York City to the preview party for this new line…. We do not have a patio (yet) and I have taken up all the backyard space I can with my two Weber kettles and a Smokey Joe.