As usual, their are many recipes TG and I want to try…especially the Spicy Pork and Tomatillo Stew which is pictured on the cover…. Here they the benefits: Promotes longevity Reduces heart-attack risk Lowers risk of heart disease Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes Lowers risk of stroke Cuts risk of cataracts Cuts risk of colon cancer Slows brain decline The article goes on to list the evidence.

BBQ Calendar

Earlier in the year TG received an inquiry from the publisher as to how to reach Dr. Porkenstein, a cooking team from Cape Cod…. For The General, it has been fun to page through the calendar and see many of the icons we have seen on the bbq circuit for years.

Grilled Potatoes with Shallots

The General has a fairly large cookbook library here in Savannah and one book I keep re-discovering is “The Cook’s Encyclopedia of Barbecues, Grills & Outdoor Eating (Cook’s Encyclopedias)” (Christine France)…. of small new potatoes or red potatoes 7 oz of shallots, halved 2 T olive oil 1 T sea salt Get a head start by parboiling the potatoes in salted boiling water for about 5-7 minutes.

John Egerton

England had its roast beef and plum-pudding dinners, Rhode Island its clambakes, Boston its pork and beans, but Georgia has its barbecue which beats them all. So famous is it, in fact, that it has become a social and political force, and as a political entertainment has been duplicated in many States of the Union….It is no exaggeration to say that many a gubernatorial election in Georgia has been carried by means of votes gained at barbecues, and no campaign for Governor is complete without a series of such popular feasts.”

Alabama BBQ Chicken with White BBQ Sauce

The latest issue had Kansas City Ribs, Better Burgers, Best Slow Cooker Chile…and most important they talk about our friends from Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ in Decatur, AL…. Alabama BBQ Chicken White BBQ Sauce 3/4 C mayonnaise 2 T cider vinegar 2 t sugar 1/2 t prepared horseradish 1/2 t salt 1/2 t black pepper 1/4 t cayenne pepper Chicken 1 t salt 1 t black pepper 1/2 t cayenne pepper 2 (3 1/2 to 4 pound) whole chickens, patted dry and split 2 C hickory wood chips Vegetable oil for grill grate 1.

Beef Short Ribs with Cabernet BBQ Sauce

Cabernet Sauce I doubled the recipe, but here is the original: 1.5 C BBQ sauce 1 C Cabernet Sauvignon (of course, we had plenty available and I used TLW’s Barefoot Cab) Combine the two ingredients along with some Kosher salt and some freshly cracked black pepper in a medium saucepan…. The directions call for searing the ribs, but my fire was entirely too hot, and short ribs are pretty delicate and just couldn’t take the heat, so I cooked them for about an hour in the indirect zone.

BBQ Queens Big Book of Barbecue

This book already came with a lot of credibility because for the last three years I have religiously cooked out of her other book “Fish and Shellfish Grilled and Smoked.”… With BBQ season in full swing, you can’t go wrong with any recipes in these books on your cookbook shelf!

How about a BBQ Odyssey?

I was going through some of my cookbooks the other day, and found a book called “The Grand Barbecue – A Celebration of the Places, Personalities, and Techniques of Kansas City Barbecue.”… The book went on to mention that there are actually BBQ guides to take you from restaurant to restaurant to sample the different BBQ cuisine.

Grilled Grouper with Dilled Cucumber Sauce

I have always used the indirect method for cooking fish by placing a sheet of aluminum foil over the grill grate and putting either butter or Pam on the surface of the aluminum foil to keep the fish from sticking…. Dilled Cucumber Sauce: 1 cup peeled, seeded and diced cucumber 1/4 cup sliced green onions 1/4 cup olive oil 1 T lemon juice 2 sprigs fresh dill or 1 t dried 1/2 t salt Freshly ground pepper to taste.