We're Open!!

Our hours are 11-3 and we have have a steady stream of customers once we open the door at eleven…. The bugs are getting worked out…like the cash register from hell and the credit card machine that likes to print reports on its own.

Another Week Down!

When the kitchen is put back together we will have plenty of room for all of our catering equipment, as well as dry and paper storage…. Since Friday was “fish day”I decided to cook lunch for the crew…smoked catfish and trout cooked to perfection along with crunchy coleslaw and some garlic bread.

Big Announcement from the BBQ General

We are pleased to announce that at our tender “young” age we are fulfilling a lifelong dream of The General and opening a small BBQ “joint.” We took possession of the spot on Monday and have been hard at work ever since!… We had a 40’ container delivered and it is now filled with all of the kitchen equipment (including fryers and stove) and all of the booths and tables from the front of the house.