How about a BBQ Odyssey?

In the past it was not uncommon for The General and his bride to take field trips to different BBQ restaurants. We usually started on a Saturday morning, and most of the time distance didn’t matter. We would try to hit 3 or 4 BBQ joints during the day, and it would only stop when she loudly protested, “No more!!!”

139-Bbq Book

I was going through some of my cookbooks the other day, and found a book called “
The Grand Barbecue – A Celebration of the Places, Personalities, and Techniques of Kansas City Barbecue.” You see, Kansas City, MO, considers itself the BBQ Capital of the World…rivaled only by Memphis, TN. It is home of the American Royal BBQ Contest held each October. The book went on to mention that there are actually BBQ guides to take you from restaurant to restaurant to sample the different BBQ cuisine. Had we not already been to the Royal on several occasions, I think I would take the little woman on this trip. What a BBQ odyssey this would be!

The way the book ends and turned out to be a learning experience for The General. I suggest this book to anyone interested in the history of Kansas City BBQ and in taking the ultimate BBQ field trip. For those of you bargain hunters out there the book is on sale for $4.95 at the link above…such a deal!!

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