The General has been out of town, so TLW has decided to go it on her own. Food and Wine magazine is one of my favorites. Their October issue is titled “Wine Made Simple.” As usual, their are many recipes TG and I want to try…especially the Spicy Pork and Tomatillo Stew which is pictured on the cover. The article that piqued my interest the most is “8 health benefits of drinking wine.” Here they the benefits:

Promotes longevity

Reduces heart-attack risk

Lowers risk of heart disease

Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

Lowers risk of stroke

Cuts risk of cataracts

Cuts risk of colon cancer

Slows brain decline

The article goes on to list the evidence. You will have to read it for yourself here.

(Of course, the health benefits come from moderate consumption!)

Another reason I love Food and Wine is that they are a sponsor of Top Chef on Bravo TV. Even though this year is Season 3, this is the first year I have watched it. Even though TG detests reality tv, I would catch him stopping and watching it over my shoulder. It was great to see the underdog, Hung, win.

Tc S3 Hung Win 75X131

All through this season, Hung remained true to himself while ticking off almost all of the other contestants. His ego, confidence and drive superseded any effort to be popular. Initially he was not one of my favorites, but as he kept avoiding eliminations, I thought he might have a chance. As a true champion, he rose to the occasion when necessary. I am happy he won, but I think I also would have been happy if Dale had won. I can’t wait until F&W’s Top Chef edition comes out!

If you haven’t watched the series, I bet you can catch the re-runs on Bravo!

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