BBQ Calendar

Yesterday a package arrived in The General’s mailbox from Los Angeles CA. It contained a 2008 calendar entitled ‘A Pig a Day’ Icons of Barbecue. Earlier in the year TG received an inquiry from the publisher as to how to reach Dr. Porkenstein, a cooking team from Cape Cod. Happy to receive the info, Dick, the publisher promised to send us a complimentary copy. Thanks, Dick for remembering!

For The General, it has been fun to page through the calendar and see many of the icons we have seen on the bbq circuit for years.


Click here for more information. Seems to be a great opportunity for a Christmas gift for your BBQ friends!

One fun part of writing this blog is that you never know what is going to show up at your door. Before the calendar, we received a turducken from the Cajun Grocer. TLW and I can’t eat a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey all on our own, so we are getting together a delegation to help us with this monumental task. Can’t wait! Needless to say, we can’t recommend the turducken until we try it, but if you are looking for Cajun foods on the internet you may want to give Cajun Grocer a chance. TG is anxious to try their boudain sausage which we use in our famous championship shrimp and grits recipe.

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