Why Do We Cook BBQ Low and Slow?

Everyone has heard that phrase “low and slow,” especially relating to BBQ, but why is that? BBQ meats tend to be a more fatty and cheaper cut of meat, so folks had to figure out how to cook them so they could be eaten. Lean meats like steaks or chicken can be cooked hot and fast, but if you were to cook a Boston Butt or Brisket like that, they could technically be “done,” but you’d need to be a vampire in order to chew it.

When you cook a piece of meat low and slow, it gives the meat time to “get happy.” The temperature comes up more slowly allowing the collagen to melt leaving that succulent meat behind that’s just barely hanging on to the bone. There is even a period of time around the 160-170 mark that the internal temperature stops climbing for up to several hours, this is the most important part that you sure don’t want to rush. Once the temp starts climbing again though, the wait is almost over and it ain’t long until we’re pulling it off the smoker to get ready to serve you. Hope to see y’all soon for lunch or dinner.

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